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Auto Wash

wash tec treendale



All bases are covered with state-of-the-art German engineering. If you like a safe, thorough clean, or prefer a hands-off approach, our CombiWash has you covered. A Softcloth friction, high-pressure touch free or a combination of both, it’ll wash everything from your roof to the underbody, with optional drying and surface protectant.



• Complete high-pressure wash with a buffing SofTecs finish.

• SofTecs material won’t retain any dirt, making this the safest and most effective wash method. 

• The special buffing motion can actually enhance your car’s shine.

Touch Free - Pure High Pressure


• Pure high-pressure wash gives a top clean without any friction contact.

• Specially engineered turbo nozzles force the water into a jet-point, spraying your car with greater power, achieving highly effective results.

• Pre-soak nozzle maximises cleaning power whilst minimising water & chemicals use.

ICS Panel


CPay conveniently for your Combi Wash at the ICS panel which has touch screen capabilities with credit card and paypass abilities.

wash tec treendale
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