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Self Serve

Self Serve

Self Serve Wash Bays

Treendale Car Wash
Car Wash Treendale
Self serve car wash treendale



Car, caravan or boat, you can keep them all sparkling clean at Treendale Car Wash.

We have dedicated self serve wash bays for cars, caravans or your boat.

For those who like to take the time and pamper their vehicle. Start with a pre-soak, move on to a tyre and engine clean, then finish with the wax which the washbays offer you.


The programs are selected via a touch button menu It is possible to switch between programs at any time making washing your car extra convenient.


Operation with coins and tokens ($1 to start). An LED display shows you the money inserted and the remaining value.



  • Engine degreaser & tyre cleaner

  • Pre- soak

  • High pressure soak

  • Triple Foam brush

  • High pressure wax

  • Triple foam conditioner

  • High pressure rinse

  • Spot free rinse

  • Stop button

Care care treendale
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